2019 Human Rights Center Fellowship Conference

The 2019 Human Rights Center Fellowship Conference features TED-style talks and Q&A on Friday, Nov. 1, 12:30 to 4:30, Warren Room, Berkeley Law. The event is free and open to the public and includes lunch and an invitation to the post-Fellowship reception. Come for all or part of the conference. 
RSVP to tinyurl.com/HRCFellowship2019


12:30: Lunch and Opening Remarks, Executive Director Alexa Koenig 
12:45: Africa 
Mara Kardas-Nelson: Why are Sierra Leone's prisons overcrowded? Continued implications of colonial law and bureaucracy
Megan Shutzer: Crackdown: One Year of LGBTQ+ Oppression in Tanzania 
1:15: Between Worlds
Angelica Ekeke: The Forgotten Onez: Revealing Germany's Dark Secret
Elise Baker: Looking at Syria from Geneva: Prosecuting War Crimes From Afar 
Kelsey Alford-Jones: Land and Environmental Defenders Under Threat: Does Our Data Tell the Real Story?2:00: Latin America
Jeanne Lieberman: Green Deserts: Land, Health and Human Rights in Northern Cauca, Colombia 
Laura Belik: Concentration Camps... In Brazil? 
Ming Tanigawa-LauWe Don't Serve Your Kind Here: The Real-Life Effects of New Asylum Policies
2:45: Break
3:00: California
Sara Chase: Decolonizing Education Discourse: The Resurgence of the Hupa Language
Laura Santos: Life Without Parole: Release by Death
Valentin Sierra: The Spirit Endures: California Department of Social Services and the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 
Sarah Ferrell: Heal Not Harm: Ending the Criminalization of Oakland’s Unsheltered Residents 
4:00: Keynote by Dr. Liz Barnert, UCLA Medical Center, 2008 HRC Fellow 

With special thanks to Thomas J. White for making the Fellowship Program possible and to the Full Circle Fund for supporting indigenous scholars.