HRC Research Fellows

HRC’s Research Fellows are three-year appointments. They are extremely accomplished in their fields, and work closely with our program directors to collaborate on meaningful projects.

Kathi Lynn Austin headshot

Kathi Lynn Austin 

Kathi Lynn Austin is a former United Nations arms trafficking expert and current founder and executive director of the Conflict Awareness Project, a non-governmental organization dedicated to investigating, documenting and bringing to justice major arms traffickers, war profiteering networks, and transnational criminal operations that fuel conflict, human rights abuses, pillage and environmental crime around the world. he is internationally recognized for her work on sanctions-busting, illicit supply chains and exposing the most notorious merchants of death, including Viktor Bout—a Russian now serving prison time on terrorism charges in the U.S. Ms. Austin has carried out precedent-setting field investigations spanning Africa, Latin America, East and Central Europe and South Asia. Read more about Kathi Lynn Austin's work here.

Stephen Smith Cody

Stephen Smith Cody

Stephen Smith Cody, PhD, is a visiting assistant professor of law at McGeorge University, where he teaches criminal law, international criminal law, and civil procedure and supervises legal research on human rights. He formerly directed the Atrocity Response Program at the Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley School of Law, where he designed and managed research on the International Criminal Court. Cody has conducted fieldwork in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, the Netherlands, and northern Uganda. His interviews with hundreds of atrocity crime survivors have helped determine how best to prepare, support, and protect victims and witnesses who testify against perpetrators of mass violence. Read more about Stephen Smith Cody's work here.

Alison ColeAlison Anitawaru Cole 

Alison Anitawaru Cole is the Asia-Pacific Coordinator of the Digital Investigations with Berkeley Human Rights Center. She holds a first-class BA honors degree in law from Cambridge University, and participated in the European Erasmus exchange at Utrecht University. She obtained her LLM Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School and is currently completing a PhD at Amsterdam University. Alison is a registered New York attorney, and is also admitted to the Lincoln’s Inns of Court in London. Alison is one of the few people in the world who has worked at all the United Nations international criminal tribunals, covering a range of responsibilities. Read more about Aliso Anitawaru Cole's work here.

Sarah CraggsSarah Craggs

Sarah Craggs has been working with the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) for more than 15 years, with a specialization on protecting mobile and displaced populations and preventing their exploitation. Most recently, she served as Deputy Chief of Mission, IOM Afghanistan, where she was based in Kabul for more than three years; traveling the country extensively to support program implementation and provide technical assistance to governmental and civil society partners, including the mobility and displacement considerations during a peace process. Prior to Afghanistan, from 2011-2016 she worked with IOM’s Regional Office for the Middle East, North Africa & Gulf (MENA) as senior regional lead on migrant protection and assistance. Read more about Sarah Craggs' work here.

Amanda Ghahremani HeadshotAmanda Ghahremani

Amanda Ghahremani is an international lawyer and consultant. Her expertise includes international criminal law, corporate accountability, universal jurisdiction, and transitional justice, for which she was nominated as Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers three years in a row. As a consultant, Amanda is currently involved in several criminal and corporate accountability investigations. She also advises the Iran Prison Atlas project, which is the most comprehensive public database of political prisoners in Iran. Her recent work includes co-authoring the legal analysis on genocide for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Read more about Amanda Ghahremani's work here.

Rohini HaarRohini J. Haar

Rohini J. Haar, MD, MPH, is an emergency medicine physician with expertise in health and human rights. Her work focuses on the protection of human rights in times of complex humanitarian crisis and conflict. She is particularly interested in the protection of health workers and health services. As an emergency medicine physician, she has worked both as academic emergency medicine faculty in New York City and Oakland, as well as on numerous international projects including in Haiti, Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Palestine/Israel, India and the Thai/Burma border. Dr. Haar has published articles on issues including health in post-conflict states and the reconstruction of health systems after humanitarian disasters. Read more about Rohini J. Haar's work here.

Eliot HigginsEliot Higgins

Eliot Higgins is an award winning investigative journalist, and founder of the Brown Moses Blog and Bellingcat. He publishes the work of an international alliance of fellow investigators using freely available online information. He has helped inaugurate open-source and social media investigations by trawling through vast amounts of data uploaded constantly on to the web and social media sites. His inquiries have revealed extraordinary findings on subjects such as the downing of flight MH17 in Ukraine and the August 2013 Sarin attacks in Damascus. He is currently a visiting research associate at the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. Read more about Eliot Higgins' work here.

Dr. Mohamad KatoubMohamad Katoub

Dr. Mohamad Katoub is an advocacy expert whose experience focuses on humanitarian policies and the protection of aid workers in Syria and neighboring countries. During his work for humanitarian and human rights organizations, Mohamad focused his work on documenting attacks on health workers and health infrastructures and on fighting impunity for the usage of chemical weapons. Mohamad has published articles on humanitarian operations and medical evacuation in conflict areas, attacks on health and deconfliction of humanitarian facilities, the politicization of aid, and other issues related to the right to health, and the usage of unconventional weapons. He is a licensed dentist, and a former relief worker, having worked to establish field hospitals, and support decaying local governance structures since the Syrian conflict began.

Andrea LamprosAndrea Lampros

Andrea Lampros is the Communications Director at UC Berkeley's School of Education. She is the former Associate Director at the Human Rights Center, co-founder of the Human Rights Center Investigations Lab, and the Resiliency Manager of the lab. Prior to joining the Human Rights Center, she worked on grassroots efforts related to U.S. policy in Central America and immigrant and refugee rights. She was a principal editor and chief proposal writer on the marketing and communications team at Berkeley’s University Relations, now University Development and Alumni Relations. She was the first development director for UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. Read more about Andrea Lampros' work here.

Patricia del Carmen Vásquez Marías headshot

Patricia del Carmen Vásquez Marías

Patricia del Carmen Vásquez Marías graduated with a doctorate degree in medicine in 1999 from the University of El Salvador and a doctorate from the Department of Pathological Anatomy, Legal and Forensic Medicine, and Toxicology at Zaragoza University in Spain in 2003. She was a professor on the medical faculty of the University of  Dr. José Matías Delgado in San Salvador. Since 2007, she has been a geneticist at the Asociación Pro Búsqueda de Niñas y Niños Desaparecidos de El Salvador. For nine months in 2011–2012, she worked as a DNA analyst in the forensic genetics department of the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala. Read more about Patricia del Carmen Vásquez Marías' work here.

Magali MaystreMagali Maystre

Magali Maystre is an international criminal and human rights lawyer and adviser with a background of more than 13 years of professional experience in international criminal proceedings and investigations, international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Ms. Maystre is currently working as a Judicial Affairs Officer for the UN in Central African Republic, where she is participating in setting up the Special Criminal Court, an internationalized/hybrid criminal court mandated to investigate, prosecute and judge international crimes committed there. Previously, she was the Legal Advisor/Analyst to the UN Team of International Experts on the Situation in the Kasai/Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more about Magali Maystre's work here.

Kim Thuy Seelinger headshotKim Thuy Seelinger

Kim Thuy Seelinger focuses on sexual and gender-based violence in the context of armed conflict and forced displacement. A Visiting Professor at the Law School, Seelinger is a Research Associate Professor at the Brown School of Social Work, Public Health, and Social Policy. She will also serve as the inaugural director of a new Center on Gender, Migration, and Human Rights, based at the Washington University in St. Louis Institute for Public Health. Seelinger teaches courses on refugee protection, wartime sexual violence, the investigation of international crimes, and the application of international criminal law in national judicial systems. Read more about Kim Thuy Seelinger's work here.

Collin Sullivan headshotCollin Sullivan

Collin Sullivan is a human rights technologist, researcher, and advocate. He has trained and supported human rights defenders from more than 25 countries on secure and strategic documentation of human rights abuses. Both during his time in the Benetech Human Rights Program and in his current role at the Center for Digital Resilience, he has contributed to the development and maintenance of open source tools built for human rights researchers, activists, and advocates. He has served on the Technology Advisory Board to the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, and on the board of LevelUp. Read more about Collin Sullivan's work here.

Cathy Zimmerman headshotCathy Zimmerman

Cathy Zimmerman, PhD, is a senior staff member of the Gender, Violence and Health Centre (GVHC), of the Social and Mathematical Epidemiology Group (SaME) at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Dr. Zimmerman has conducted some of the first-ever research on health and human trafficking, including two studies in Europe on the health of women in post-trafficking service settings. She is currently leading a program of global research on human trafficking, including a multi-site intervention evaluation of the International Labour Organization’s complex trafficking prevention program in South Asia and the Middle East, multi-country studies on health and human trafficking in the Mekong subregion, South America, Central Asia. Read more about Cathy Zimmerman's work here.