February 19, 2019


Kim Thuy Seelinger is the Director of the Sexual Violence Program at the Human Rights Center at University of California’s Berkeley School of Law (HRC). She oversees the Center’s research, teaching, and writing on sexual violence during armed conflict and forced migration.

February 22, 2018

From the Life of the Law podcastLife of the Law’s team of journalists and scholars have published a three-part series of feature investigative reports on Uganda, examining the long-term impact of the violence committed on the people of the East African nation by rebels with the Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA. Beginning in the mid-1980’s and for more than a decade, LRA rebels abducted 60,000 people from towns and villages in northern Uganda, many of them young girls and boys who were then forced to fight, kill and loot.

May 10, 2017

The Guardian

The Human Rights Center’s Kim Thuy Seelinger was in Dakar, Senegal, where the court upheld the conviction of former Chad dictator Hissène Habré for crimes against humanity, including for sexual violence, but not for an individual rape conviction.  Seelinger writes about the decision in The Guardian—“Hissène Habré’s rape acquittal must not be quietly airbrushed from history.”