HRC in the News


  • China is using Uighur Labor to Produce Face Masks by Muyi Xiao, Haley Willis, Christoph Koettl, Natalie Reneau, and Drew Jordan of the New York Times, with contributions from the HRC Investigation Lab's Stephanie Croft, John Ortilla, Sang-Min Kim, and Danil Cuffe in the New York Times.
  • Partially Blinded by Police by Meg Kelly, Joyce Sohyun Lee, and Jon Swaine of the Washington Post, with open source research by the HRC Lab, in the Washington Post. 
  • Nowhere is safe for us , Amnesty report on Idlib, with open source contributions from the HRC Investigations Lab.
  • Big Guns Fighting the Coronavirus, by Peter Fimrite , featuring HRC Advisory Board member and UC Berkeley School of Public Health Professor Art Reingold in the San Francisco Chronicle. Reingold (pictured right) has provided critical expertise to the country during this crisis.