Join HRC for an open source investigation training at The Hague

January 13, 2023
The Human Rights Center at the UC Berkeley School of Law and the Institute of International Criminal Investigations (IICI) in The Hague have partnered to offer a comprehensive open source investigation course focused on the investigation of violations of international criminal, humanitarian, and human rights law. This five-day course will take place in-person at The Hague, during the week of March 13, 2023. Course participants are trained on the methodology of the Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations, the first professional standards and guidelines for digital investigations, consistent with the practices of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. This course highlights the importance of ethics, resiliency, security, and legal compliance. Partipants will learn the essential hands-on skills necessary for any form of high quality open source investigation. It is suitable for those with a limited existing knowledge or those who want to refresh or check their skills. No experience is necessary, but prior experience as an investigator, analyst, journalist, or lawyer is preferred. Interested parties may fill out the online application at the IICI website