Lindsay Freeman's work on cyberwarfare in WIRED

May 12, 2022
The Case for War Crimes Charges Against Russia’s Sandworm Hackers, published in WIRED, features Lindsay Freeman, director of Technology, Law, and Policy at the Human Rights Center in a discussion of her team's research and their submission to the International Criminal Court to consider Russia's Sandworm cyberattacks against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine as war crimes. 
“Sandworm is continually active, and continually executing serious attacks with impunity," said Freeman. “We would like to make sure they're seeing the cyber domain as an actual domain of warfare, because in this case, it truly is."

The report sent to the International Criminal Court was supported by the incredible students on Freeman's team at HRC's Investigation Lab and the UC Berkeley School of Law, who used their research and OSINT skills to strengthen this historic report.