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Media Inquiries

National and international media outlets frequently draw on research from the Human Rights Center to provide background and commentary for emerging news stories. Our 2004 report on human trafficking, for example, continues to serve as a resource for stories on the topic. The DNA Reunification Project has seen broad coverage in print and broadcast media. African and international reporters took great interest in the results of our survey in northern Uganda as negotiators try to bring peace to the region. 

More recently, our Investigations Lab student team contributed to a Pulitzer-winning report from Reuters for exposing the weaponization of Facebook in the genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar by helping to translate and collect more than 1,000 examples of posts, comments, images, and videos attacking the Rohingya or other Myanmar Muslims. 

Lab students worked with the New York Times on a report about China's forced labor program and use of Uighur labor to make PPE for the US, Europe, and Latin America. Our students contributed videos, photos, and social media posts to The Washington Post for a story on injuries caused by police during the week of protests following George Floyd's death & the unjustified arrest of four protestors in Portland by armed federal agents, and analyzed video footage of a brutal police beating by Moroccan authorities in Western Sahara. 

Investigations Lab students helped investigate terror tactics used by Myanmar's military regime, and together with the Associated Press identified more than 130 instances where bodies were used as tools of terror. Modeling developed at HRC was used to help Associated Press journalists tell the story of one neighborhood in Gaza, and the toll that war has taken there. Our flagship course with UC Berkeley's Investigative Reporting Program and our own Human Rights Investigations Lab resulted in "A Strike at the Heart of Roe," a podcast collaboration with Reveal, from the Center of Investigative Reporting, on restrictions to abortion access. 

This is just a sample of news stories that drew on research from the Human Rights Center.

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