Register to join us Oct. 14 for the HRC Fellowship Conference!

September 29, 2022

Join us on October 14 for our annual Human Rights Fellowship Conference!

Every year since 1994, the Human Rights Center has provided fellowships to University of California students for human rights fieldwork, research and journalism in collaboration with a wide variety of organizations globally and domestically. This year, those students hailed from four UC campuses. This year, our fellows worked on issues of reproductive rights, death penalty cases, indigenous rights, foster care reform, and more. Join us on October 14th for a series of TED-style talks from our fellows. Lunch will be served, with a reception to follow. Fellowship alumna and founder of Afghan Clinic Nazineen Kandahari will be our keynote speaker. We’d like to thank Ms. Patty Blum and Dr. Thomas J. White for making the Fellowship Program possible. Register here for the event!

Panel One: Gender and Human Rights in Times of Crises

  • Reproductive Health In A State of Crisis

  • Emerging Risks in Online Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

  • Abuse of Kenyan Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia

  • A Shadow Pandemic: Gender-based violence in East Jerusalem

Panel Two: Precarity and Possibility Under Neoliberalism

  • Indigenous Voices of #LandBack Movement in El Salvador

  • A Roof Over Human Rights: Housing From a Human Rights Perspective

  • Recentering Disability Justice in the Age of Pandemics, State Violence and Human Rights

  • Measuring Standards of Juvenile Justice in Palestine

Panel Three: Structural Exclusion and Institutionalization of Marginalized Communities in the U.S.

  • The Death Penalty in Texas

  • Compassionate Release in California: Structural Impossibilities to Freedom for Disabled and Terminally Ill People

  • Occupational Licensing Regulations as a Barrier to Economic Freedom for the Formerly Incarcerated

  • Recognizing Children's Rights as Human Rights: The Foster Youth Movement in the U.S.