A Statement on the US Withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council from UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center

June 20, 2018

This week’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council signals our nation’s abdication of responsibilities to uphold international ​human rights and justice. This decision sends the message that the United States is willing to turn a blind eye to human rights offenders and ​thus bolster impunity.

​In recent years, the UN Human Rights Council and ​the Office of the ​UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in particular, have ​supported local human rights activists ​and accountability efforts ​in Syria, Myanmar, Burundi, Iran, and other parts of the world. The US withdrawal from the Council only serves to undermine these important activities. 

As human rights researchers, investigators, and educators, we join other international NGOs and academic colleagues in denouncing this action and calling on Ambassador Nikki Haley and the President to reverse this decision immediately.