We're hiring! HRC Investigations Lab Administrative Coordinator

June 8, 2021

UC Berkeley's Human Rights Center is hiring an Administrative Coordinator for its pioneering HRC Investigations Lab.

The HRC Investigations Lab trains and engages students to conduct open source investigations, in partnership with legal, advocacy, and media organizations, in order to document facts and contribute to accountability. Based at the UC Berkeley School of Law, the Investigations Lab has led or contributed to dozens of high-impact investigations and trained students who are now shaping the field of digital fact-finding. 

The HRC Lab Administrative Coordinator will support the HRC Lab Director in all of the administrative tasks required to make the Lab, and associated training, run smoothly for students and staff at the Human Rights Center, and for the Lab’s external partners. The Administrative Coordinator will ensure smooth day-to-day operations, effective information management, and timely communication with students and staff. 

The Coordinator will also support the newly formed UC Network for Digital Fact-finding (and associated labs at UC Santa Cruz and UCLA), which is supported by the Multicampus Research Programs Initiative. 

The first review date for the position is June 18, 2021. 

The full job description and additional application information is available here.