Chemical Strikes on Al Lataminah


Al-Lataminah Report CoverStudents in UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Investigations Lab used open sources to document the March 2017 chemical weapons strikes on Al-Lataminah, Syria—including a strike that appeared to have targeted a medical facility. The report Chemical Strikes on Al-Lataminah was issued on January 18.

The Lab’s open source work—analyzing and verifying photos and videos found on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter—was conducted in collaboration with the Syrian Archive, a nonprofit organization that curates visual documentation from the Syrian conflict for legal accountability. The report was led by Berkeley Law student and Human Rights Investigations Syria Team Manager Andrea Trewinnard.

Anna Banchik
Leenah Bassouni
Michael Elsanadi
Hannah Ellis
Sonia Hamilton
Natalia Krapiva
Danny Lee
Andrea Trewinnard
Publication date: 
January 18, 2018
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