Editorial Note: The Myth of Closure, the Illusion of Reconciliation: Final Thoughts on Five Years as Co-Editor-in-Chief


The 2010 special issue of IJTJ , titled ‘Transitional Justice on Trial: Evaluating Its Impact,’ reflected our wish to explore the current status of transitional justice mechanisms in terms of their effectiveness. In the five years since the journal’s founding, we have tried to present a range of scholarly and field-based articles that examine the state of an evolving endeavor, transitional justice. The special issue was, in a sense, an opportunity to look closely at where we have come over the past two decades. I was pleased by the articles we published but somewhat concerned that this topic had received the least submissions of any of the special issues. While this can be explained in a variety of ways, I am going to assume,...

Harvey Weinstein
Publication date: 
March 1, 2011
Publication type: 
Journal Article