Principles for Assuring the Health of College Students: A California Perspective


Given the rapidity of change in both higher education and health care, re-examining the values and precepts that undergird the profession of college health is an ongoing need. Reported in this article are the results of a structured process in which a group of college health professionals from California, along with others interested in the health of college students, examined several trends affecting higher education and health; considered possible scenarios for these sectors; created a shared vision for the future of college health; and developed strategies useful in attaining that vision. The results of these deliberations are presented as a set of principles that, if followed, should increase the likelihood that college health centers will be responsive to user needs. Although the article is based on a California-based conference, the principles discussed are almost certainly valuable for all in college health.

Kevin Patrick
Mark Fulop
Chris Lovato
W. David Burns,
Harvey Weinstein
Jill Rybar
Publication date: 
May 1, 1997
Publication type: 
Journal Article