Missing Peace Practitioners’ Network

Kampala, Uganda—As part of a global movement to end wartime sexual violence, more than 80 legal, health, and law enforcement leaders from six African countries met in Kampala, Uganda, in late August 2015 for the Missing Peace Practitioners’ Workshop. 

The workshop provided a rare opportunity for frontline responders—from Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan—to discuss their work on the ground and to trade the tools and techniques they use to document and prosecute sexual violence and support survivors. 

Workshop participants discussed new findings from a groundbreaking, four-country study on conflict-related sexual violence launched at the workshop by the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law. The study, in part, highlights barriers to investigating and prosecuting sexual violence and recommends better training and more funding for those on the front lines.

Workshop participants brainstormed the role of these day-to-day responders in the reporting, investigation, and prosecution of sexual violence that occurs during periods of armed conflict and other emergencies. 

Read a story in The Guardian about the workshop and UC Berkeley’s research on sexual violence.

Read a story in Uganda’s New Vision newspaper about the specialized units in Uganda, Berkeley’s research, and the workshop. 

The Missing Peace Symposium 2013 Video


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