HRC Investigations Lab

HRC Lab students pose after an event on Myanmar

HRC Investigations Lab

This practicum introduces and advances the practice of open source investigations: investigations that use social media and other publicly-available, internet-based sources to develop evidence for advocacy and legal accountability. The practicum includes active participation in the Human Rights investigations Lab at Berkeley Law’s Human Rights Center. Clients include organizations like Amnesty International, ProPublica, the Syrian Archive, the Center for Justice and Accountability and others. In the practicum, students will learn how to collect and authenticate information on war crimes and human rights abuses and will have an opportunity to engage in one or more real-world investigations. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of the course, participants will include students from across campus.

Students in the Lab

"The lab allowed me to do exactly this: it helped me narrow my interests and to approach my studies from a more focused lens of the intersection of human rights and technology. More importantly is my new sense of agency."

Miu Kumakura, Myanmar Team Manager in the Human Rights Investigations Lab, Spring 2018

How to Join

For graduate students: 
Graduate students may sign up for the Berkeley Law course (details TBD); Instructor: Alexa Koenig  (view instructor’s profile); View all teaching evaluations for this course; Units: 2-3
Meeting Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Course Start: August 21, 2018
Course End: December 15, 2018
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): TBD

For undergraduates:
Undergraduates (returning or new) must apply to participate in the lab through URAP.