Student Fellowships

What should the partner organization letter include?

The mission of the organization and how it works to achieve that mission. Your project’s goals and how they relate to the overall objectives of the organization. Your project’s contribution to the organization’s mission and the community it serves. Your previous relationship with the organization, if applicable. The broad work arrangement you've agreed on with the organization to avoid later confusion: amount of hours per week (or will it be variable), work location(s), approximate start/end dates or amount of days to be worked. If these questions will be determined later, that may be stated...

I want to travel abroad during the Fall semester. Can I still apply?

Since the fellowship requires participation in the post-fieldwork gathering in September and presentation at the formal conference in early November on Berkeley campus, we recommend that students with plans to travel abroad during the Fall semester not apply. If you have questions about your specific circumstances, email Alexey Berlind at

What should the faculty letter of recommendation include?

How does the faculty member know you? For how long has he/she known you? How did you perform in their class? What does the faculty member know of your proposed fellowship project? Given your work with the faculty member, what is his/her opinion of your abilities with regard to your proposed fellowship project?

What if I cannot complete the application?

Incomplete applications will not be considered and will not be forwarded to the selection committee. Please plan ahead. Allow sufficient time to research and contact partner organizations and to obtain letters of recommendation from faculty.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and what should it contain?

A CV is a cumulative resumé summarizing your academic and professional experience. We request your CV to gauge your skills, assess your background, and outline how this fellowship will build on your past experience. Your CV should highlight any relevant experience in human rights, fieldwork, volunteering, research or language skills.

What is the page limit for the statement of purpose?

Your statement of purpose should be no more than five pages. It is acceptable to put your references on a sixth page.