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HRC's first annual PRIDE alumni spotlight!

June 30, 2022
Spotlighting HRC alumni, Pride 2022 To celebrate Pride this year, we reached out to our impressive network of HRC student...

HRC and Journalism Students Collaborate on Reveal Investigation

February 23, 2022

Grace Oldham of Reveal News, Berkeley Law student Emma MacPhee, journalism student Eliza Partika, and Gisela Perez de Acha of the Human Rights Center and Investigative Reporting Program celebrate the release of “A Strike at the Heart of Roe.”

Targeting Blacks: Drug Law Enforcement and Race in the United States

Jamie Fellner
Patrick Vinck

Long before launching the global “war on terror,” the United States launched what it called the “war on drugs,” a law enforcement and crime control effort targeting its own people. Ostensibly color-blind, the US drug war has been and continues to be waged overwhelmingly against black Americans. Although white Americans constitute the large majority of drug offenders, African American communities continue as the principal “fronts” in this unjust effort. Defenders of the current anti-drug efforts claim they want to protect poor minority communities from addiction as well as the disorder,...

Principles for Assuring the Health of College Students: A California Perspective

Kevin Patrick
Mark Fulop
Chris Lovato
W. David Burns,
Harvey Weinstein
Jill Rybar

Given the rapidity of change in both higher education and health care, re-examining the values and precepts that undergird the profession of college health is an ongoing need. Reported in this article are the results of a structured process in which a group of college health professionals from California, along with others interested in the health of college students, examined several trends affecting higher education and health; considered possible scenarios for these sectors; created a shared vision for the future of college health; and developed strategies useful in attaining that...

The Importance of Healthy Communities of Higher Education

Michael L. Jackson
Harvey Weinstein

A framework for understanding issues that contribute to vibrant and healthy communities of higher education is presented. The focus is on how individual and community health relate to institutional missions, purposes, and goals. This framework may be applied to 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities whether they are public, private, research, teaching, sectarian, religious, residential, or commuter institutions. The following questions are addressed: Why should colleges maintain healthy communities? How do we define health in colleges and universities? Why is this important for...

Physical and Psychological Health Issues of Resettled Refugees in the United States

Rhonda Sarnoff
Eleanor A. Gladstone
Harvey Weinstein

There are currently no systematic and reliable means of evaluating the incidence and prevalence of disease in United States refugee populations. Barriers include inadequate surveillance mechanisms and an inability to distinguish refugees from the foreign-born or ethnic groupings. A date set, created for administrative purposes, of a cohort of 2,361 adult refugees who sought health care services in a large US country health system from October, 1995 to February, 1998 was studied. A subset of 187 refugee medical records was reviewed to assess whether refugee status was documented and...

Asylum Evaluations—The Physician’s Dilemma

Eric Stover
Harvey Weinstein

In the following paper, Annemiek Richters of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands addresses the dilemmas faced by health professionals who are asked to evaluate and provide supporting documentation for those refugees who seek political asylum in the countries of Europe. It is in the politically charged arena of asylum applications, government regulations, and public policy where bioethics, human rights, and health converge. Despite the 1951 Convention on Refugees, a treaty signed by nations around the world to safeguard the rights of those who are displaced, and other treaties...