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We pursue justice through science, technology, and law.


At UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center, we:


  • Research and investigate war crimes and human rights violations;

  • Develop standards for policymakers and practitioners; and

  • Train investigators, students, and advocates.

The Human Rights Center conducts research on serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law and on war crimes. Using evidence-based methods and multidisciplinary frameworks, we collaborate with impacted communities, build blueprintable solutions to address some of the most significant human rights challenges of our time, and support efforts to hold perpetrators accountable. In doing so, we catalyze our work into effective action to further justice and accountability efforts.

We teach students and professionals to research, investigate, and document human rights violations with cutting-edge methodologies that bring atrocities to light. By training the next generation of investigators, we create a passionate and professional pipeline of researchers, journalists, lawyers, scientists, and policymakers to implement change around the world using a resilience centered approach. By engaging with people on the ground worldwide and tapping the academic and human resources of UC Berkeley, we function as a bridge between the worlds of academia, policy, and practice.

Banner Image: Departure of Jews in Skanderia. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzagovinia, 1993. Photograph by Gilles Peress.

A group photo of Human Rights Center staff in Point Reyes, California.
A group photo of Human Rights Center staff in Point Reyes, California.