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Privacy Policy

The Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and University of California, Berkeley are committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of your confidential information to the extent possible, subject to provisions of state and federal law. Other than as required by laws that guarantee public access to certain types of information, or in response to subpoenas or other legal instruments that authorize access, personally-identifiable information is not actively shared. In particular, we never re-distribute or sell personal information collected on our web servers.

Information Collected

  • Personal information: The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law and UC Berkeley websites may collect personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number(s), and/or educational interests. Such personal information may be requested by us for research, event registration, gift processing, public service or teaching programs, or for administrative purposes. 
  • Anonymous information: Web servers typically collect, at least temporarily, the following information: Internet Protocol (IP) address of computer being used; web pages requested; referring web page; browser used; date and time. The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law may collect statistics identifying particular IP addresses from which our websites are accessed.
  • Other information is also collected and stored when users log in to submit forms. Specifically, the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law occasionally uses Google forms for some student-facing applications and event registrations.

Use of Cookies for Analytics

The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law website uses a third-party analytics provider (Google Analytics) to help us understand how visitors use our site. We use this information to improve our content and your experience visiting our site. Google Analytics relies on cookies to produce this information.

If you visit our website to browse, read, or download information, your web browser automatically sends information to Google Analytics such as the:

  • Internet domain through which you access the Internet (your service provider if you use a commercial Internet service provider, or your school domain name if you use an Internet account from your school);
  • type of browser software and operating system you are using;
  • date and time you access our site; and
  • the Internet address of the site from which you linked directly to our site, if applicable.

Google Analytics does not receive personally identifiable information through these cookies and is prohibited from combining, matching or cross-referencing information from our site with any other information. Please review Google Analytics’ privacy policy for additional information. It is also possible to opt-out of Google Analytics for those who wish to do so.

Use of Collected Information

The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law will use personal information collected from this site for the purpose of communication back to individuals who contact us via the site. Additionally, the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law uses voluntarily submitted personal information in order to keep you informed of activities such as news, announcements, conferences, and/or special events, but only if you are provided the opportunity to opt out of that type of use. UC Berkeley also uses personally identifiable information to process gifts from donors.

Through Google Analytics, the law school uses browser IP address information and anonymous browser history to report information about site accesses. We use this information in aggregate to help us maintain this site, to determine the number of visitors to different sections of our site, to ensure the site is working properly, and to help us make our site more accessible and useful.

Distribution of collected information

  • The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law will not disclose, without your consent, personal information collected about you, except for certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure is required by law.
  • The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law will not distribute or sell personal information to third-party organizations.

Additional Information

For more detailed information about requirements for campus online activities see the Campus Online Activities Policy section on Privacy and Confidentiality of Information.

Responsibility for External Sites

While using the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law website, you may encounter links to other UC Berkeley websites or organizations not directly affiliated with the law school or the campus. All UC Berkeley websites must comply with the Privacy Statement for UC Berkeley Websites, but may have refined the standard campus privacy statement to include additional or stronger privacy provisions. The law school does not control the content or information practices of external organizations. We recommend you review the privacy statements of these organizations.