A woman with brown hair smiles at the camera.

Andrea Lampros

Research Fellow


Andrea Lampros, MJ ’97, is a Research Fellow with the Human Rights Center. She worked more than nine years at UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center, serving as the associate director, co-founder of the Human Rights Center Investigations Lab, and resiliency manager of the Investigations Lab. Andrea is the communications director at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. She is formerly the communications director of the UC Berkeley School of Education and the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy. At the Human Rights Center, Andrea worked with student teams to support journalists from leading publications, such as the Associated Press and Washington Post, to conduct open source investigations. She was a lecturer for a mini-course on open source investigations and part of the team that taught the first full course on open source investigative reporting at Berkeley Journalism in fall 2021. Also at Berkeley, she was a principal editor and chief proposal writer on the marketing and communications team at Berkeley’s University Relations, now University Development and Alumni Relations. She was the first development director at the Graduate School of Journalism. After graduating from Berkeley Journalism, Andrea spent more than a decade working as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and freelance writer for Bay Area publications. She wrote a chapter about the labor movement in The Real Las Vegas: Life Beyond the Strip (Oxford University Press) and co-wrote a chapter about the use of DNA in El Salvador’s search for disappeared children in Silent Witness: forensic DNA analysis in criminal investigations and humanitarian disasters (Oxford University Press). She was a senior producer on Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten, which aired on PBS in May 2021. With Alexa Koenig, she wrote “Graphic: Trauma and Meaning in Our Online Lives” (Cambridge University 2023).