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Art Reingold

Advisory Board Member


Art Reingold is an Advisory Board Member with the Human Rights Center. Reingold is the Associate Faculty Director of the Center for Global Health. He is also Professor of Epidemiology and Associate Dean for Research at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. His research expertise includes the interrelationship between tuberculosis and AIDS in developing countries, opportunistic infections in AIDS patients, and emerging and re-emerging infections and vaccine preventable diseases. Reingold has conducted epidemiologic research on a variety of infectious diseases in the United States and in developing countries. He currently has two Fogarty AIDS training grants in Uganda and Zimbabwe, and is also Principal Investigator at Berkeley for a 25 year old AIDS International Training and Research Program, which has provided multi-disciplinary training and support for epidemiologic and behavioral studies related to AIDS, HIV transmission, and treatment in HIV-infected persons focusing on Brazil, Peru, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast. Reingold is a member the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Science, and serves on the World Health Organization’s Scientific Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), a committee that advises on all key vaccine-related matters.