A woman smiling with brown hair.

Camille Chabot

Researcher, Technology

Human Rights Center


Camille Chabot is a master’s student at Peking University studying law and Chinese society. Camille also holds bachelor’s degrees in Global Studies, Human Rights, and Chinese from UC Berkeley and in Politics, Government & Law from Sciences Po Paris. During her time in Berkeley, Camille was a student team leader at the Human Rights Center’s Investigations Lab where she  has worked with Amnesty International and Human Rights First on various projects using open source investigations to document human rights investigations. The investigation she led into human rights violations against asylum seekers she led was cited in the US Supreme Court Case Huisha-Huisha v. Mayorkas that resulted in the nullification of Title 42. She has also worked independently on several other projects at the confluence of technology and human rights such as comparative legal research on access to reproductive technologies for same sex-couples in France,  the United States, and China. As a research affiliate at HRC, she now leads a pluridisciplinary human rights assessment of generative AI. Camille has received awards and recognition for her work, including the Yenching Academy full fellowship at Peking University, The Leadership Award from the Cal Alumni Association, and the Point Foundation Flagship Scholarship.