A woman with dark blonde hair smiles at the camera.

Carly Hyland

Research Fellow


Carly Hyland is a Research Fellow with the Human Rights Center. She is an Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences in UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR). Her work focuses on mitigating the health impacts of interconnected climate-intensified exposures among agricultural and food systems workers, with a particular focus on heat, wildfire smoke, and pesticides. Some of her current projects include assessing pesticide exposure and barriers to accessing paid disability leave among pregnant farmworkers; workplace and community interventions to decrease heat stress among agricultural workers; and evaluating programs allowing farmworkers to re-enter fire evacuation zones for activities such as irrigating and harvesting crops. Dr. Hyland works with interdisciplinary teams using community-engaged and mixed-methods approaches, with the ultimate goal of informing evidence-based policies and programs to protect food systems workers from climate change.