A man with brown hair posing outside in front of a tree.

Danil Cuffe

Digital Investigator, Technology, Law & Policy Program

Human Rights Center


Danil Cuffe is a Digital Investigator at the Human Right Center at UC Berkeley School of Law. Before rejoining the Human Rights Center in June 2022, Danil worked as an open-source intelligence researcher at Media Matters for America, where he tracked and documented far-right conspiracy theories, dis/misinformation, and militant extremist groups across alternative social media ecosystems. He previously apprenticed as a student project manager and open-source investigator at the Human Rights Investigations Lab where he worked on projects related to Hong Kong, China, Sudan, Syria, Chile, and the United States. Danil is passionate about open-source research methods and is a serial volunteer judge for Trace Lab’s capture-the-flag events. He holds a B.A. in film studies from UC Berkeley.