A woman with dark hair looks stoically into the camera.

Jacqueline Geis

Research Fellow


Jacqueline Geis is a Research Fellow with the Human Rights Center. She is a member of the International Criminal Court’s Technology Advisory Board, and a sought-after advisor and speaker on security and documentation efforts in complex human rights environments. Until recently she was the CEO of Videre est Credere, which under her leadership exposed genocide; revealed systematic political violence; uncovered widespread corruption affecting the lives of millions; and spurred concrete policy changes and action. Jackie’s experience spans start-ups and large institutions; the public and private sectors; and work across justice, human rights, technology, and climate. A keen strategist, she has conceptualized, built, and led internationally-focused initiatives at a wide range of organizations, including the Brookings Institution, US State Department, UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and American Bar Association.