Gun Violence

image of a gun and UC Berkeley Gun Violence Event Series

Gun Violence

Gun Violence in America was a UC Berkeley event series that engaged the nation’s foremost experts on gun violence in reframing public debate, laying the groundwork for new research and advocacy, and ultimately lessening gun violence in the United States.

The series was sponsored by the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law, Human Rights Program, Henderson Center for Social Justice, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Journalism, and Social Science Matrix, with funding from the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation, California Wellness, California Humanities, and Townsend Center for Humanities.

Read takeaways from the 2017/2018 series here: How we let the NRA create a climate of fear and other takeaways from the Gun Violence in America series


Dr. Garen Wintemute & Magdalena Cerdá: Firearm Violence: Research and Action

Preventing Gun Violence: What Works and What Stands in the Way

Gunfight: UCLA Professor Adam Winkler on Gun Laws Under the Trump Administration

Urban Gun Violence: A Panel Discussion

Who is Framing the Gun Debate? Panel Discussion at UC Berkeley