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Increasing the Capacity of Peace Negotiators

The Human Rights Center advises parties to conflict and likely participants to international peace negotiations, through written materials on substantive and procedural issues to be negotiated and training on the strategy and skill set to be used in negotiations. HRC collaborates with the United Nations Institute on Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) on these efforts. This work builds upon over a decade of experience working on UN-mediated peace and ceasefire negotiations in Darfur, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine.

UNITAR invited us to train women diplomatic leaders from Ukraine’s Academy of Diplomacy on international frameworks requiring women to be involved in peace negotiation efforts. We also organized and moderated a virtual event with three former members of the Syrian opposition’s negotiation delegation to highlight lessons learned which may help future Ukrainian negotiators. In collaboration with PILPG, we are advising Ukrainian players on issues relevant to resolving Russia’s invasion.

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