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Live Monitoring U.S. Election 2020

Human Rights Investigations Lab 2020

Student Investigations Lab Project

Ahead of the 2020 U.S. Election, the HRC Lab team began making plans with partners at Amnesty International to monitor social media and collect information related to election interference including conduct like: any instances of excessive use of force, police failure to protect, voter suppression or intimidation, and dis/misinformation. Our team of more than 60 students collected over 900 pieces of content on election day and in the days that followed. This monitoring effort was a collaboration between the DVC, the Human Rights Center, and the Berkeley School of Journalism. The team monitored Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, as well as “alternative” right wing social media platforms  for information that was shared with our partners at Amnesty International and in the news media.

“Capturing what’s happening on this critical day in U.S. history is a huge challenge,” said Alexa Koenig, Co-Faculty Director of the Human Rights Center and co-founder of the center’s Investigations Lab. “Our Berkeley students have been trained to mine the internet for information in real-time, to identify misinformation and verify facts, and to collaborate with leading newsrooms and human rights organizations to ensure accurate information reaches the public.”

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Team Acknowledgements

Investigation Leads: Gisela Peréz de Acha, Devon Lum, Brian Nguyen, CJ Manna, Vyoma Rahman, Katya Crawford, Avani Yadav, Maeve Sneddon, Meher Wadhawan, Danielle Kaye, Danielle Cosmes, and Lily Lucero

Staff Advisors: Andrea Lampros, Alexa Koenig, Stephanie Croft

Student Contributors: A.J. Schumann, Akshana Vinotheesan, Aliyah Behimino, Aman Dosanjh, Anne Daugherty, Arlete Reyes, Avani Yadav, Brian Howey, Brian Nguyen, Briana Zhuang, Ceren Fitoz, Charlotte McClelland, CJ Manna, Clara Dorfman, Dallin Mello, Daniel Ortega, Danielle Cosmes, Danielle Kaye, Danile Ortega, Darlene Dickinson, Devon Lum, Diana Chavez-Varela, Elizabeth Moss, Eric Sype, Francesca Federico, Gamin Kim, Gisela Perez de Acha, Gracelynne West, Isa Avila, Issabella Romo, Jacqueline King, Janine Graham, Jean Li, Karina Nguyen, Katya Crawford, Kayla Brown, Kellie Levine, Kung Chen, Liliana Gutierrez Lopez, Lily Lucero, Lucy Meyer, Mackenzie Berwick, Maeve Sneddon, Mallika Seshadri, Meher Wadhawan, Myenna Ehsan, Samantha Vuong, Sean Butler, Shealyn Massey, Shoshana Abikzer, Vyoma Raman, Wendy Zhou, and Yaas Farzanefar


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January 21, 2021

5 Key Takeaways from Live Monitoring the 2020 US Election

Investigations Lab Reflections — Amnesty International: 5 Key Takeaways from Live Monitoring the 2020 US Election,  reflecting on Investigations Lab research.

Amnesty International flag, showing a candle surrounded by barbed wire and the words

November 6, 2020

Human Rights Snapshot: 2020 U.S. Election

Investigations Lab in the News — Amnesty International: Human Rights Snapshot: 2020 U.S. Election, reporting with Investigations Lab research.