A man runs away from a cloud of gas.

Sudan Attacks on Protestors and Health Workers

Human Rights Investigations Lab 2019

Student Investigations Lab Project

The Investigations Lab team conducted an open source investigation to corroborate testimonies of on-the-ground violence in Sudan. Physicians for Human Rights sought to triangulate eyewitness accounts of attacks with reports from other witnesses, news reports and video footage, legal records, medical documentation, and other sources to produce sufficient data to assess the violence. Extensive monitoring of social media platforms produced valuable video footage that was verified and geolocated. 

Our report found disproportionate or unnecessary force was used against protestors; attacks on medical facilities; violations against medical personnel; and evidence of torture and abuse of activists. The report was written by Physicians for Human Rights Medical Expert Rohini Haar, advisory board member and research fellow of the Human Rights Center.

A group of people fill the streets and wave the Sudanese flag.
A protest in Sudan on 12 March 2022. Image by Ahmed Winer via Wikimedia Commons.


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Team Acknowledgements

Investigation Lead: Rohini Haar

Staff Advisors: Stephanie Croft, Rohini Haar

Student Contributions: Makaila Heifner, Sarah Bakir, Michael Elsanadi, Brian Perlman, Ceren Fitoz, Haley Willis, Jade Wynn, Kavya Nambiar, Lily Greenberg-Call, Mariya Katsman, and Tianyi Ding 


A man runs away from a cloud of gas.

April 5, 2019

Rights group denounces targeting of Sudanese doctors and health facilities

Investigations Lab in the News — Sudan Tribune: Rights group denounces targeting of Sudanese doctors and health facilities, reporting with Investigations Lab research. Left: A Sudanese