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Trust and Security in Justice IT Systems

Active Project Technology, Law & Policy

A reliable and trustworthy justice system is essential for upholding law and order in our communities, including the global community. While technology has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of international criminal courts and tribunals  in countless ways, it also creates new challenges. The ability of malicious actors to remotely hack into IT systems not only puts information and people at risk, but it undermines trust in the justice system as a whole. If victims and witnesses cannot trust courts to keep their data secure, they will be disinclined to share evidence. Moreover, trust in the international justice system could be undermined by drawing into question the integrity and authenticity of digital evidence, which has become increasingly easy to manipulate with advancements in artificial intelligence. The Technology, Law & Policy program supports international criminal courts and tribunals in ensuring the security of judicial IT systems and the integrity of digital evidence.

An illustration of a world map and a scale of justice, with a person behind the map using. stylus.