How to Apply

The Human Rights Center Fellowship 2019 application is now closed. Please check back for the 2020 application in September 2019. If you have questions about UC Berkeley's process or need contacts at other campuses, please contact Audrey Whiting at

Application Process

Please carefully read the following instructions and prepare the necessary documents prior to filling out the online application form.  During the application process, you will be asked for the following items:

  • A curriculum vitae/resume, indicating all experience (academic studies, fieldwork, volunteer work, and paid work) relevant to the fellowship.

  • Statement of Purpose (2–5 pages, doubled-spaced, 12-point font), describing your interest in the award. This section of the application should address all of the following questions:

    • What human rights issue will be addressed during the fellowship? Does an article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights address the issue and, if not, how do you think the issue relates to human rights?

    • How will you work with your partner organization to address this issue?

    • How will your fieldwork contribute to the partner organization’s ongoing mission/goals?  

    • Why are you interested in addressing this issue? Do you have a particular interest/expertise/experience in this area?

    • What are the objectives/goals/expected outcomes of your proposed fieldwork?

    • How will these outcomes be measured or evaluated?

    • How will the fellowship build on your current academic interests?

    • What role will the fellowship play in your long-term career or study plans?

    • Have you spent time in your proposed geographic area and/or working on your proposed topic?  If so, outline your previous experience that specifically pertains to your proposed fellowship work.  If not, describe how you will prepare yourself for your proposed fellowship work. Address any issues related to fluency in a language other than English.

  • Two letters of recommendation from persons (at least one UC professor, preferably your advisor if you have one) in a position to affirm the value of the fellowship in the context of your academic or professional work and interests. Letters may be addressed to the Fellowship Coordinator Audrey Whiting and sent directly by the recommenders (not the applicant) to

  • A letter of support from your partner organization detailing the mission/goals of the organization and how your proposed fieldwork will contribute to its work. This letter should address the following points:

    • Who will be your main point person at the organization?

    • In which ways will you be supporting the organization?

    • In which ways will the organization be supporting you?

    • What are you expected to accomplish during your fellowship?

    • How will the organization benefit from your accomplishments?

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with the fellowship coordinator or other HRC staff prior to submission.

The deadline for applications and all supporting documents is typically in mid-February. Applicants must submit their complete application with all supporting documents by the deadline. The letters of recommendation must be sent by the deadline directly by the recommenders to Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants are usually notified regarding the selection committee’s decision by mid-March.

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

If you intend to use the fellowship grant to conduct research that you will include in your thesis or dissertation, you should consider whether approval from the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) is necessary. For more information, please speak with your faculty advisor or visit your campus’s CPHS website. IRB review can be a very lengthy process. We encourage applicants to start the process as soon as possible.